True Story

Based on United Kingdom 1968
Cliff Richard — Congratulations

Plain text version

Mother:                                                                                                  Daughter:

[March 1, 2020]

on your vacation!

You really think it’s safe to go to Italy?

Mere speculation!

Sure, what’s the worst scenario one could foresee?

[March 9, 2020]

Would you believe the streets are all empty and abandoned…
of course they quarantined me as soon as the plane landed

Hey could you text a selfie with that famous statue?

No, they won’t let you
go out of your room!!!

[March 13, 2020]

Now I’m a patient
On ventilation

That’s just fake news...
This bug harms just the elderly

No medications
Just intubations

Your room is full of souvenirs!
grab some for me!

[March 18, 2020]

My phone says weather in Milan this week’s been sunny

I hadn’t noticed, because I’m focused on recovery

[March 19, 2020]

Your vacay got me in the mood to book my own trip
It’s on a cruise ship!
I’m ready to sail!

But sanitation!
and regulations!
Mom, you must rethink, now’s the time to act safely!

Like vaccinations!
It’s just a Communist Chinese conspiracy

[March 23, 2020]

Mom, how’s vacation?


I want a full refund, been treated unfairly
How could I know that we’d
be stranded out at sea!