Summer of Love

Based on Ireland 2000

Endless smiles, lay’n beside, my well hung counterpart
A low brow start to our love story
He’d undress, so firm and hunky. I’d wear a blindfold
It’s time to play then

I’d been manhandled with the force of a cowherd
Bitter taste and moistness of his penis
Broken arse, on all fours, with truth and honesty
Bought ice cream in the park that night

Where he said that we should just be friends, I’m done
And he shook me with his heartless cruel demeanour
While my heart’s still burning, he hands back my underwear
Out of love, now a lonely dancer

The Cloud has me in tailspin
And Myspace can’t hide the pain
Search until I find the answer
[**anguished cry on sight of new Instagram post featuring ex flirting with an 8/10 on holidays **]
There is no reason
Who can understand man’s inhumanity to man?

I proclaim, well you can go to hell, have fun
May your shin splints form an abscess in your tibia
Though I’m not done yearning, my heart ain’t in disrepair
Now I see (Now I see), I am free, I am free of you

[**sashays forward with the confidence of a middle aged woman finally getting her moment on the big stage**]
Celebrate the end of the summer of love
Travel solo to the sunny shores of Syden
Somewhere on that journey, I recalled his thinning hair
Now I see, he was not the answer
Short, balding, narcissistic banker