Spring of ’65

Based on Finland 1965

Yeah, I’m the guy on the penny
Being on you would be swell
I’ve got a seven inch stove pipe
My hat is quite big as well

So how about fuckin’ Lincoln?
My Johnson’s one massive cock
How about fuckin’ Lincoln?
Come play with my Lincoln log

I’ve a libido that won’t stop
Drove my wife quite insane
So… fancy a piece of Lincoln?
I’m also turned on by pain

My south parts shall rise again
Four score sounds like an average weekend
So come get it on with Lincoln

[Bill Clinton sax solo]

I’ll give you head on a mountain
Mountin’ with me’s always ace
Now whip out your Mary todger
And shoot a load in my face

See my Gettysburg undressed
Contact my member of sex congress
I call him my Davy Crockett

Is that a gun in your pocket? ;)