Slovenská Televízia Jury Memo

Based on Slovakia 1994

Thirteen months ago when damn,
The chance to dominate
Has somehow not gone Elán's way
Put, a gospel group from Split
Instead went to Millstreet
But there's no shred of grudge we hold
When Tony and his queens
Are the best Ex-Yugo act since when?

Not certified musicians
So just vote as we say
For Nek' Ti Bude Ljubav Sva, Sva, Sva
No other entry comes this far

Them incredible Maltese
Have sent a gorgeous hit
Accomplished by a true star team
Just superb poetic wit
The greatest since Tolstoy
Presented in a neat routine
Yet unsatisfied with them?
As duos go, the others are quite weak

Have an unbiased listen
And then please give your ten
To the girl with the face of star, star, star
And to the dude with the guitar


If asked by Mr. Clausen
About our voting ways
Deny you've ever seen this draft, draft, draft
Not that there's any wrong with that

* * *

Few points and dreadful placing
Maybe we were rubbish live
Ah well, Croatia's promised
Twelve back in ninety-five