Office Love

Based on Portugal 1985

They say...
That I am quite mundane
I live a simple life
And in fact, they’re quite right

They say…
(Where does she live? Where does she live?)
I’m the office bore
(Never on leave, never on leave)
But I crave no more
I’m happier at my desk

Where I’ve got paperwork
And filing cabinets
All neatly organized
I live
For our new fax machine
These lovely paper clips
And A4 envelopes

The stapler gives me life

(Pencils, we need pencils, we need…)
Is my favourite day
(Pencils, we need pencils, we need…)
Hate to be away
From the shredder, my friend

They say
(Pens aren’t cheap, pens aren’t cheap…)
My job’s out of date
(Pens aren’t cheap, pens aren’t cheap…)
This place will shut down
And we have to clear our desks

Don’t take my stamps away!
My darling rolodex
And pencil sharpener
No way
They’ll get my staple pins
Hole puncher, stay with me!
My precious sellotape

No, I can’t go, I must...

I’ll occupy this room
And build a cardboard fort
Where I can wait this out
I’ll fight
Hit them with paperweights
Throw white-out in their face
I’ll live on cellophane

(Just keep this ancient crap)
Oh yay!

(Pens aren’t cheap...)