Charlotte’s Revenge

Based on Sweden 2008

I was supposed to be winning
I was supposed to be queen
Three hours later, a victim of hatred
I was shamed, I was betrayed!

High scores from Denmark and Malta
Almost nothing from everywhere else
Might now seem distant, but my anger’s persistent
Now I’ll get back at you all

Oh oh
All of you juries who gave me a zero
Run for your lives!
Oh, I’m
Taking you out, ‘cause you injured my ego
Say your goodbyes!
This is a story
Of pain and redemption
As I’ll get my revenge!
Oh oh
Out of the juries who gave me a zero

Will survive...

Found your addresses on Facebook
Now I’m creeping up outside your doors, oh
Children are screaming
Star TV’s live streaming
As This Shocking Scene Unfolds:

Oh oh
All bloody juries who gave me their zero
Burning alive!
Oh oh
I’ll be more lethal than Emperor Nero
Here’s your demise
Torture and poison
Surprising explosions
As my fury descends
Oh oh
I’m gonna kill you more ways than Carola
Her in hell!
(Her in hell)

Oh oh, hold on...
(What the hell?)
Just checking Wiki… oh no!
That year was fucking televote!?

All of the viewers who gave me a zero!
You’re next in line!
Oh oh
Taking your lives might destroy most of Europe
Who cares? Not I!
(This is a story)
(Of lack of compassion)
Go screw yourselves!
Oh oh
Next year, make sure that you give me your twelves, then
Might not die!