Babyphone, Babyphone

Based on Germany 1957

Hallo?… yes, that is true
Thank you… it’s all quite new
I squeezed a baby out not long ago
Well no, he’s not with me...
Oh no, there is no need...
I use this thing I found on TV Shop

Babyphone, Babyphone
Wonderful device
Place one end right by your bed
And one by my side

Babyphone, Babyphone
Now it’s mommy time
For so long you leeched my milk
Now I’m drinking wine

Never more I wake at night time
Since you’re in the other room
And thanks to this great invention
I can snooze all morning too

Babyphone, Babyphone
When I hear you cry
I just set the mode to “mute”
And refill my wine

Hallo, travel agent?
No thanks, I think
I’ll want to go some place more south, more wild!
For two? No, it’ll be just I
Although… maybe I’ll find
Some hunk who’ll want to “make another child”

Babyphone, Babyphone
In my check-in bag
I can’t help the signal’s weak
High up in the air

Babyphone, Babyphone
Parties in the sun
And so many gorgeous men
Guess who’s had them all

Never more alone at bedtime
Since you’re halfway round the world
All thanks to that great invention
Waiter, pour me more champagne

Babyphone, Babyphone
Batteries ran out
Hope you’re doing fine back home
See you… well, some time…

Oh… you’ve come to send my baby to foster care?
That’s fine
Bye bye!