Midwinter’s Night

Based on Sweden 1996

Starlight o’er frost-covered mountains

Two lovers are kissing

Footprints on snow-laden pathways

Another approaching

A festive meal they were eating

Three knocks on the window of their forest lodge

He knew truth would reveal all

Seeing his wife there on Midwinter’s Night


With purpose

She probed his excuses

“But who are you kidding?”

“Not love but lust was your reason”

“We look like we’re sisters”

“For I could bear you no children”

“You courted a mother and her three young ones”

“Told her you, too, were widowed”

Dizzy, his breath slowed on Midwinter’s Night


(Winter... Midwinter... Winter...)


“Online, we met in a forum”

“For loved ones of those with problems cardiac”

“Our solace froze as two broken hearts”

They hatched a cold plan on Spring Equinox


“Tasty, the pudding she made you”

“Which she called a Stollen”

“Last night, the biscuits we fed on…”

“Exotic, the flavour”

“Those spices, on their own harmless”

“Together, a dance to turn your blood to ice”

Justice, cloaked in a teardrop

“Here we will leave you on Midwinter’s Night”


Alone, slept he for three days

Learnt he, his lesson on Midwinter’s Night