Nagorno-Karabakh Love

Based on Slovenia 2010

Our love (like a, lovewave) surpasses borders
They say (qélé, qélé) that we are starcrossed
As day after day we, face the dismay in
Nagorno and Karabakh
My name's Mariam and I'm Armenian
Living here I'm one of 95 percent
Look I am Azeri, Oskar is my name
My dad was sent here by his boss Aliyev
From the first time that ever I saw him
We just knew we'd always be together
Our love (do not, deny) defies all orders
Amour (nor par, sister) that comes at a great cost
We won't be dissuaded, so mostly unaided
Formulated our own plot
So on Tuesday evening, with my parents out
I'll fly from my window, use a parachute
And while she's escaping, I will play my part
As I rob my father's favourite horse
We'll ride off to live our fantasy yeah
In a hut just outside of Urmia
This cold (windy, qami) September evening
When we (soon he'll, hold me) execute our plot
The hour is upon us, I've climbed onto my dad's horse
"Mariam, my apricot!"
(escape scene shambles ensues)
My chute (harpooned, boom boom) has caught a tree branch
I hang (without, my love), still 12 feet off the ground
Horse, scared, has stopped running, it's nightfall, we need a
Miracle to heal this plot
Oh no (lonely, alone), this thing is ripping
Where's he (her moon, come soon!) save me from this drop
I ran here my princess, I'm right underneath you
No don't let go of that log!!!