Fado Nyan Cat

Based on Italy 2018

Behind me there's a black shawl replacing trail of rainbow
Instead of the old pop tart, a sunken lonely sailboat
Unlike the other cats, though, I don't nyan in falsetto
My nyans are pure and formal, heartbreaking and immortal

My music's in the centre of every worthy genre
A cheerful tune ain't cool as my eight-bit saudade
I need some recognition, become a trending known star
So please become my agent, how soon then can I phone ya?

Now listen, cat, I'm sorry, you kind of have to earn it
Success ain't coming your way, even though you seem determined
Five years ago or sooner, acclaim of grumpy cats grew
But now the youth wants fun, and there's nothing fun about you

There's lots of awesome felines, my feed is full of cat clips
Compared to which the Nyan thing looks morose and geriatric
The trend's Maneki-neko, and cats who fear the toaster
No-one wants a Fado Nyan Cat

No-one wants a Fado Nyan Cat
No-one loves a sad old Nyan Cat
This is what I'm told in every country, every city, every planet
No-one wants a Fado Nyan Cat
No-one likes a good old nyan chant
I will do from now all that it costs to not be transparent

Why don't you hit the road, surely someone's sympathetic
There's no need to be scared, some people like authentic
I've heard, in Jászapáti, and in Nyíregyháza
Demand is pretty strong for respectable composers

Actually I've tried it, bitch you so don't know me
I flew to Budapest and went to sell them my skills
I thought they'd love to meet a new nyanning cat fadista
I said "helló, nyán" but they just said "viszlát"

No-one wants a Fado Nyan Cat
No-one loves you, sad old Nyan Cat
Altogether your clips have got ninety total views, and you should thank it
No-one wants a Fado Nyan Cat
No-one likes outdated nyan chants
If your Tube's got no lolz, then the crowds are not gonna share it

But when career goes belly-up, life has missed the target
There's one place every saddo can still be in the market
For them it's not immoral, and they're not picky, we know
About who's working for them, representing San Marino

Representing San Marino
Representing San Marino

*a prolonged melancholic nyan about a lover lost at sea*

New job found for Fado Nyan Cat
Europe meets its future Nyan Cat

I'll get jury love, old televoters would see a merit
San Marino's ready, Nyan Cat
They won't regret it, I swear it
Best result since ever, Nyan Cat
At least, their best one since Serhat

Back to square one, I'm afraid
The offer's gone, it turns out
They just gave it to another

A non-talent girl from Malta