Dracula’s Night Out

Based on Montenegro 2018

Halloween is when I do
Every errand that’s accrued.
I can venture in the streets
To buy some ointment for my feet

They all think my cape’s fake.
No one’s taking out their stakes.
They’re just letting me go past,
As I run to get some gas.

Shopping trips and
Pay the bills and
To the blood bank.
No-one fears me-e-e!

No one likes a Dracula.
Usually attacking ya
When returning DVDs
To the Redbox that is down the street!

But when kids go trick or treat
No one notices my teeth
They won’t try to bludgeon me
When it’s Dress-Up-Like-A-Vampire day

But they only see a monster!
Am I me or just an imposter?

As dawn breaks, I’m all alone.
Costumed children have gone home.
In the mirror I can see
There’s nobody staring back at me.

No one in the crypt but me...
Shit! Forgot my groceries!
On the bus, I left them there!
I’ll go get them in another year…

Halloween, yeah!