Scami and the Beast

“Once I saw a goat with a cow face. Really. It was the weirdest thing ever. It seemed a normal goat, except that it had some black spots, and the head like a cow. And it was before digital camera, so I don’t have a photo.”
– Scami, 2018

Visitors leave in despair
Making scared signs of the cross
Cross at the sight of our goat

Children walk in innocent
Walk out feeling traumatised
But that changed when I met Scami
Thank goat

Scami asked me, the zookeeper, “Why, sir?”
“Is there no God? It’s a brute”
It’s a question I didn’t answer
In front of us was all the proof

Goat born with a cow’s head, the other goats just stare
None had ever pet it, but it so wanted love
Though it longed for people, customers all wanted it gone
“That goat belongs in a cupboard”

Scami seemed no different, at first look so appalled
Kept her children distant, told them, “Go pat the horse”
But she saw no evil, just a lonely beast none would stroke
And Scami petted the cowgoat

[Scami:] (And that’s when I knew I would set it free.)

“How much can I give you for
That sad goat the rest ignore?”
I said, “Ma’am, sorry I can’t sell”

“How I wish you’d come last week
That was when we sold it cheap
It’s heading soon to a rancher
To be meat”

She looked sheepish, the goat just looked cowish
It broke my heart and hers too
So she left after petting a llama
That night I locked up, I felt so blue

Came back the next morning to a hole in the fence
Just the cowgoat missing, she’d rushed to its defence
She would see no evil come to harm the beastly cowgoat
That most said ought to be covered

Now through Transylvania, elusive cowgoats stroll
Hidden by the forests in which they’ve found a home
Scami is the reason cowgoats won their freedom to roam
Too ugly to be re-captured

Oh oh, oh oh
When Scami rescued the cowgoat
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Cowgoats don’t want to be captive
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Cowgoats are not so attractive
Oh oh, oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh
Then Thomas danced with the cowgoat