Thank You to All ALC Writers (and Sigurjón)

Based on Fókus hópurinn – Battleline (Iceland NF 2018)

Everybody has trouble to pick one
Favourites are all over the place, got like twelve
I don’t think I’m ready, wait, just hold on
Till we bid this contest its farewell

I am Sigurjón, how did I end up here?

They’ve been writing, writing for us again
And they nailed it
We’ve been lau-, lau-, laughing, yeah we’re their fans
I think it’s their calling

Everybody rocked, everybody rocked
You were writing for us
A round of applause tonight
For this ALC

Cause Nagorno-Karabakh was flawless
No voice lost for Donald Trump so far, Babyphone
What about the one loving the office, yeah
An opera about some racist Swedes, oh

It’s Morannie or Spring of ‘65
Least I think so
Want to go on that creepy Uber drive
And the Jury Memo

There was Necropop! There was Dracula!
And a Freudian slip
Cruella wants fur tonight
In the ALC

I was petting a feathered pony
In the ALC
I am ready for Char’s revenge


I am going to be a tough guy
In the ALC
In the ALC

Who the fuck is Sinitta?
Everybody needs a fado cat…

Who’s that artist, artist who will get robbed?
Who’s been slee-slee-sleeping, yes on their job?
The investigator

Analytics Inc.! And all the NQs!
All that writing for us
I’m writing we loved it all
In the ALC

[Lyrical orgasm]

Are you ready to be the Cowgirl?
Of the ALC?
Are you ready to be like, “Wha-a-a-a-aat??”

Are you ready to be the winner?
Of the ALC
Of the ALC
Of the ALC!