Data Analytics Inc.

Based on Moldova 2018

All your secrets have been sold
Your life story is pure gold
We stole your information
See, here’s your inventory
Of personality for online exploitation

Your social media settings grew confusing
Who knew their consent was implied?
That Facebook survey you thought looked amusing
It blew your defence open wide!

Now we’re here controlling all you read
We’re trolling what you see and what you do
Cognitive assessment made to look innocent
Datasets defining you

So long as we’re earning, we ain’t that discerning
Tyrants, cheats, please form a queue
Tell use your endeavour, why, what, whomsoever…
We will make your dream come true


We’ll manipulate your views
Through a drip-feed of fake news
Designed to look sporadic
Think you’ll look the other way?
You’re too smart? Hmm… yeah, okay
Then *POWW!* an infographic…

If something sells you bet that we’ll misuse it
Our clientele stretches worldwide
We’re science geeks? Or an audacious con-trick?
You’ll never quite make up your mind

Number-crunching, polling
Auto-diagnosing how you’ll feel before you do
Rich man waved his plastic: Demagogue?
Fantastic! We can help you stage a coup!

All the time we’re learning
Swing states overturning from Wisconsin to Baku
Propaganda’s better when it’s made-to-measure
Your worst nightmares have come true


Rummaging around here… in your data
Any dirt we found we… saved for later
Loaded up into our… simulator
Not your data…

It’s OUR data