Cruella Discovers Social Media

Based on Finland 1985

Where do you stand on fur? I simply can't live without.
I'm talking 'bout the exclusive kind,
no cheap cliché like a sheep or a cow.
Gimme exquisite fur, the type that screams to be touched.
I'm thinking polar bear or a tiger,
no nothing is ever too much!

Want a coat, want a coat of fur!
Elegant animals really can make me purr.
Soft and delicate, fluffy fleecy animal fur.
Want a stola from soft koala.
A sophisticated bra that puts the bra in zebra,
and a hat and some gloves, straight from the neck of a giraffe.

I am crazy 'bout fur, no matter how you protest.
Can see the shimmering in your eyes,
don't say you don't want my gorilla vest.
I never go to the zoo, it simply drives me cuckoo.
Cause all I see there is living clothing,
and maybe some furnishings too.

Want a coat, want a coat of fur!
Got my eyes on the prize and the rest is a blur.
Soft and delicate, tender velvet animal fur!
Want a jumpsuit from giant panda.
Got an evening gown that's covered in lovely jaguar.
For the next set I think I'll order a gorgeous cheetah.

Know exactly now what I want:
101 Dalmatians!

Want a coat, want a coat of fur!
And I’ll get them myself, I’m an entrepreneur.
Soft and delicate, squishy mushy animal fur.
If you think that I'm going too far,
then get out of my face quickly, I don't need your blabla.
You're as bad as those flowerfucking hippies from PETA!