Creepy Uber Drivers

Based on Croatia 2003

Ah ah
There are times in life you must get from A to B
To go home, to go out, or to visit somebody

And at these times, you may wish to enlist
someone who can assist, you with your travel
If you're tired, drunk or feeling lazy
they will use their vehicle to drive you there

Taxi, Lyft or Uber, all work for your trip needs
If you want one, just download the app
Offering their service, in exchange for money,
Drivers come to where you are, and take you where you want
then you get out of the car (doesn't that sound great?)

Though it's awesome, it's not perfect
so please be aware

Not all of them can be truly trusted
Some are maladjusted, there's a dark shadow
Let me share with you now some stories
From my own experience, some are intense, oh oh

Creepy Uber drivers, don't look like their picture
Tell you to sit up in front with them
Ask you for your number, touch you while you slumber
hide a camera in the car, or compliment your bra

It can be hard, when you're young and cute-ish
To evade their clutches, get out of their car
Even then, some won't leave you alone...
I just got an SMS - uh-oh

"It's your Uber driver, with the black Range Rover
I'm convinced that you're the one for me
Would you say that maybe, you would be my lady
Cos we bonded mentally"

Is it from Abdullah? No, wait, it is Clodagh
She was working on her PHD
Score was 4.80, such a classy lady
I'll admit that it was me, who first touched her knee, ah ah
She's my destiny