The Darkest Shade of Grey

Based on Portugal 1991 [live version]

Dawnlight kisses the Niagara Falls
Sunlight caresses me with its arms
Sunset! So quick did this day come to end

All to start the greatest journey that we had planned

I stand here on my own

Yes it’s marvellous beholding
This majestic holiday you designed

For me: See your Athabascan home
And begin our new tomorrow

That now cannot come to be

Tell me
Why could I not see‐‐
Why you needed to conceal‐‐

Inside you‐‐

The most darkest shade of grey

Are the vows that we both wrote

Is a dress of lace in white

Mmm, timeworn?
So, was that the weight you felt?

Did I add to pressure on you? Was it my fault?

Thoughts cascading in my head

I must carry on regardless
Of this aching emptiness in my mind

For now, I shall say a last goodbye
And begin a new tomorrow
On my own yet not alone

That day‐‐
And the news I had to say‐‐
Your hands were colder than ice‐‐

Unheard whispers
I sing loud to you:

There’s a spark of you and me

Her Light shines from
Inside me‐‐

To brighten

The most darkest
shade of grey