The One Body Problem

Based on Iceland 2022
Systur — Með hækkandi sól

Our trio’s tale is very sour
Three damsels conjoined in sulking sorrow
Times are harder when you’re thrice
No getting laid or peace and quiet
Fate sealed

No such gift as private showers
Solo singing? Not for this choir…
Throw out the “roommates”, splitting up
Also not an option…
Save me

I try averting attention
Easier said than done with Beth and Susie
I dream of living a boring life
How with three heads, one body?

(Faye looks slowly sideways…)

Someday I could just grab a knife
Buy a big aquarium and drown us in
Simply put, it’s bleedin’ hard
Pray it’s just all in my damn mind

If you don’t help me I’ll snap soon
Quietly I’ll strangle my siblings
It would be best, if for a while
Three heads become one only

Beth & Susie: Faye? Faye?… oh no…

(Faye grabs a kitchen knife)

One cut, I’m through
See you perhaps in heaven

(Beth & Susie cry)

Sliced, now I’m free
I feel like going solo

(Blood everywhere, Beth and Susie’s heads roll to the floor)

I dissipated my tension
Finally I’m now a “one” only
If it was really worth the while
Why do I feel so lonely?