The Greatest Song of All

Based on Belgium 1981
Emly Starr — Samson

In sixty-eight Eurovisions
There’s been many a top tier song
But there’s only one all-time winner
So let's reveal it now

Ooh… Waterloo? Arcade? Theater?
No? Ooh… Ka’ du se hva’ jeg sa even?

Yes that might surprise you. Thought it might be Shiru?
You’re wrong
It won the Belgian final. Dropped the “en Delilah”
That one

You might think I have lost my marbles
I sense a somewhat raised eyebrow
The hair was an abomination
And she squats like a man

Ooh... but you know all is forgiven
Soo-oo-oothed... by the sight of massive feathers

Fuck Hemel en Aarde. Emly Starr hits harder
The verse gives me a hard-on. Chorus a paragon
She wore cheap white misfitting drapes

Emily with no ‘i’ (elusive charm)
And two ‘r’s in star
Marie-Christine Mareels (elusive charm)
Spelt everything wrong

Ooh... Playback instantly forgotten
Ooh ooh... Look pulsating Egyptian cotton!

Giuseppe Marchese doing the arranging
At first I thought she was in drag
Sashay away

Samson, I love you