Uno per gatti

Based on Italy 1963
Emilio Pericoli — Uno per tutte (live version)

They have now released her name, the youngest victim: Claudia
Her death has since been linked to, the butchering of Nadia
Yet the inquiry at large, has turned up so far, empty
That's why their parents came to the makers of our True Crime

They sent their crew down to the rocked community
A town where everybody, all knows everyone
How they lit up the room, they all did say
Hoping the killer would leave and not strike again

But he did not change his ways, the next whom he preyed, Laura
And sadly that was not all, he murdered a fourth: Giulia
All our investigators, who do this old thing, daily
Were blocked in every one of their attempts, to bring this bad guy to heel

But once the viewers deploy their amateur joy... sleuthing
For the baddie who did indeed do the deed, there will be nowhere to hide

So let me save all your time

The evil killer.....

Is me