Deer in Headlights

Based on Netherlands 2023
Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper — Burning Daylight

Singing this song feels like we're at war
with "Arcade" recycled
Finding the tone proves too big a chore
for alt, soprano,
bass and tenor

We've been squalling and tuning
Really trying to get all the vocals right
We've never seen Jordan Garfield
Duncan Laurence, he only once Skyped

I'm worried, I
am doomed and I'm shitting myself
A stage this size!
I'm crying for help
Can't sing, just sigh
Like deer in headlights

Biting my nails, troubled to the core
This fear is fatal
Every verse I choke even more
All stress and sorrow!

We've been calling for Duncan
We've been trying to get disqualified
After Madrid we've been crying:
"We should have fired him at first sight!"

I, I'm off-key, I'm
just proving I'm fooling myself
Can't reach those highs
in utmost stagefright
Appalling live
Can we resign
No way in the world
we'd qualify
We're losing despite
his 'great' advice
We're deer in headlights

Outright disliked
No prize tonight
Eyes wiped, we tried
Goodbye spotlights
Unripe, unsigned
but we'll survive