Unchained Ego-Melody

Based on Sweden 1982
Chips — Dag efter dag (live version)

Every time you call me up
you spin me round in circles
all I need is to be heard
but you can’t see past your own ego

Cos your ego is so big
it should have its own airport
a galaxy or “Tout l’univers”
there’s only one star in your sad play

Go take a walk
all I ever wanted was a friend
Go take a hike
you can only listen to yourself

I’m sick and tired of your mind games
and the ensuing dramas
so walk out the door
taking your ego
on the way out

It is always about you
and your situation
you’re not able to just see (NO!)
through someone else’s
eyes so that’s why

I am sending you to Hell
where you’ll find tons of mirrors
so you can stare at your pretty face
but looking back right at you is Dorian Gray


Go take a walk!
if this wasn't painful I’d crack up
Go fuck yourself!!!
you are an egocentric piece of shit

And if tomorrow you should call me
please be advised that I will
hang up on you
then will proceed
to block #666

I hope your days in Hell are hell
while I take a deep breath
you’re out of my life
what a relief
tho Sweden 04
just Finland 07 !
so Ukraine 03 !!!
and Germany 08 !!!!!11!!!1111!!!