Based on Finland 2018
Saara Aalto — Monsters

Slice of bread
I'm ready to eat it
Toaster's done
And soon it's going to feed me

So I'm smearing it with butter, cheese and lettuce
Fresh tomatoes, jam and mayonnaise

But I couldn’t hold on to this sandwich anymore
Felt it slipping through my fingers as I crossed the floor
On my way to fetch some kitchen roll
Gravity took its toll
I could try to pick it up, but is it fine or spoiled?
How am I to know?

So how am... how am...
How am I to know?

Seconds pass
I've made no decision
I don't know what to do
This needs some revision

As I watch the mayo chaos
This traumatic moment keeps replaying in my head

I just couldn't hold on to my sandwich anymore
I could feel it slipping from my hands and hit the floor
Landed on the tiles and made a splat
Wrong way up, but of course
I could try to brush it off, but is it clean or soiled?
How am... how am...
How am I to know?

How am I to know?

No... no... I give up, I give uuuuuuuup​

I just couldn't hold on to that sandwich anymore
Now I'm gonna pick it up and eat it, is that flawed?
But is it quite safe, I'm still not sure
Compromising might work
So I'm gonna kneel right down and eat it off that floor
Am I... Am I...
Am I scared of geeeeeeeeerms?

How am... How am...
How am I to know?
How am... How am...
Maybe I’ll just starve