The 🚫 Word

Based on France 1976
Catherine Ferry — Un, deux, trois (live version)

The 🚫 word
Well last night on the plane
I managed to interview a very well known man... [ here’s the transcript:]

“Hello Sir”
oh please go fuck yourself
“Nice to see you as well, let’s start this:

Why do you spew so much hate?
Are you a racist? Something else?”
no no you are wrong, I love the world
f*****s, n*****s, d***s and the k***s too

“Sir you cannot use those words!
They’re offensive to us all!”
just to make it clear
I’ll have you know
that I love the retarded too!

(Interlude/Snack break)
( What a shitshow...♫♫
♫♫... I miss my nukes where am I fake news pussy shithole )

“Okay then ( you’re a dick )
You’ve been indicted twice... ( THAT’S A LIE! )
What if you lose again

Just for that ( oh my god)
I’ll raid all the gay bars ( what the fuck?!?)
migrant shelters
and then, you ready?

I’ll line you up against my Wall
wetbacks and the ay-rabs too
next will go the snowflakes
with Mike Pence
followed by Joe Biden
and the press

“Jesus on the fucking cross
Are you gonna shoot us all??”
sure why not hey could you get me a coke?
and I want 6 burgers as well”​

(I think I have all I need
sure you do you fucking cunt) ♫♫

“Thank you for your time”
get off my plane
“This will be out tomorrow”
go to hell

That was quite an exposé
And a cautionary tale
You are what you say
Don’t you forget
I will never ever ever ever
Ever ever ever
Say the Trump word