Based on Netherlands 2022
S10 — De diepte

Heard you in the forest, whistling through the branches
Sun above the treetops with darkness below
Followed footsteps that we trod back when I was barely three
Down a path you knew well in the November snow

As I reached the clearing, listened, hearing your delightful call
With you there, I knew that life was all

Green trees, sunshine
I spun around and felt the world was only mine
Your cool embrace
With your voice upon the wind
Looking forward to when I see you again

I felt you on the waters as I left Montego Bay
Said “fuck off” to my iPhone, need no signal today
An ocean breeze on my back as I sail this ship to nowhere
Don’t need a destination, all I’m seeking is you

Waves of problems batter me, but you’re my guide through all the noise
All I need to lead me is your voice

Calm seas, sunshine
I marvel how the smallest things feel so divine
Your presence here
Just suppresses all the din
How we’ll laugh and cry when I see you again

I know, I know
I’ll see you again

When I leave the hustle and the bustle of the modern life
That’s when I wish most you were alive

Cool breeze, sunshine
Peaceful reminders of that day in ’99
I’m all grown now
Twenty-four long years it’s been
Tell you all about it when we meet again