Nunc est bibendum

Based on Slovenia 2023
Joker Out — Carpe diem

Let's seize the day and just be happy
Slovenia reached the finale!
But what the heck did we do wrong?

Many people said:
"Shave your head, wear green shoulder pads
Or do long finger nails perhaps
Box on stage works best to distract, or a dance instead
Go freestyle or do cha cha cha!"
(Dragon, unicorn)
Good idea, fantastic beasts
(Yes that would work very well)
An ethnic dwarf will do the rest
(Oh hey ho)
Would they have brought success?

We were supposed to lift the curse
Better than a seventh place would be deserved
Not worse!

21st place at Eurovision...
Maybe we made a bad decision
I thought we did put on a show
We didn't even beat La Zarra
And right above us Remo Forrer
Big disappointment, you know

Instrumental break, a guitar screech
some frantic drumming, that was energy!
Floral shirt, pink trousers, didn't shave...
I didn't think we would be first
But let's face it, this result just seems absurd
Slovenia's cursed!

Ana Soklič and Tanja Ribič,
Last pizza slice, Hannah Mancini
Maja, Karmen, Eva Boto
The list goes on and on forever,
Never top 5 for whosoever
So tell me, should we quit with it all,
just send a withdrawal, or be filler by default

We could as well have sung in Latin
Nobody cares, I would imagine
Cogito ergo sum, in vino veritas
So long!