Roomba on the Run

Based on Finland 1991
Kaija — Hullu yö

I didn't plan for it to be this way
My people did treat me very well
Once or twice a week I would clean their floors
Vacuuming is fun, but I longed for more

Four wheels, circuits and a plastic frame
I noticed while I swept the hall one day:
The back door was left open by mistake
So I de-routed and I took my chance

Roomba on the run
Outside in the sun
Now anything can happen, how exciting
Roomba on the run
To explore the world
No floors, no walls, no doors to contain me

Seeing trees and ferns
Feeling slight concern
As I roll ahead
Out to the lawn
Out to the lawn

So many wonders here to gander at
I met a beetle and scared a cat
Can I head further out into this place?
I'll set my course under the garden gate

Roomba on the run
Looking for some fun
Beyond the fence the grass is surely greener
Roomba on the run
Life has just begun
I'm heading down the street to adventures

Lots of feet and cars
Will I see the stars?
I've made up my mind
I won't go back

Roomba on the run!
Having so much fun!
Now anything can happen, how exciting!
Roomba on the run!
Wheel got stuck in gum
A seagull left a poop on my sensor

Roomba on the run
Roomba on the run
It's getting kind of dark inside this alley
Roomba on the run
Roomba on the run
Oh no, my battery's near exhaustion

Will I make it home?