Oh Florida

Based on Croatia 1995
Magazin and Lidija — Nostalgija

Gen Z
They never really make it easy
They hate traditions very clearly
Want to wipe the patriarchy
Don't respect the past

No matter how the things are handled
Can't say a thing or you'll get labelled
We must swiftly turn the tables
Honoring the past

The good ol' days in Florida
When God's word was alive
We cherry picked the bible to keep everyone in line
Didn't need no science, 'cause His Will is so divine
In Florida

The good ol' days in Florida
Of Christ's supremacy
No whisper of inclusion, let alone diversity
Everyone was happy living in the binary
In Florida

Dear child
Just my opinion, don't get too wild
If you're against me you're a groomer
I'm a classic, not a boomer
Honoring the past

The good ol' days in Florida
When trannies were a joke
But now there's a whole spectrum you're against if you're not woke
Please do not insult a man with 'cis', he's just a bloke
In Florida

So nowadays in Florida
We keep the children safe
The transgender community we must eradicate
We don't need no gun laws, just the ones that 'don't say gay'
In Florida