Marlain’s Secret

Based on Cyprus 1999
Marlain — Thane erotas

I think back to entries so Cypriotic
Mi Stamatas, Milas Poli…
But with honest reflection, I must now admit
Actually I prefer Spain

Barei faced trouble with her shoes
Son de Sol’s screams - a lush brew
Franco said: “Cliff you’ll be number two”
Oh Espain, I adore you
Even Alfred and Blas

Rosa sailed directly to my wonning
Though they can’t dance, D’Nash can sing melodies
Orchestral score of Hombres – that impressed me
Just as I dance Chiki Chiki

Él should have won in ‘82
Staggeringly Beth failed too
I can say I fell for Eres Tú
Lydia wore pronounced hues

Ramón’s perfect ass drives me wild of course
But for pitch world class – I seek Soraya!

(Manel Navarro was quite good)
Marcos Llunas - a nice view
Azúcar Moreno’s tape was screwed
Edurne - had lyrics unsurpassed
Miki sang real fast

(Nina, Cadillac, Peret, Pastora, Chanel, Década)