Based on Cyprus 1998
Michalis Hatzigiannis — Genesis

Life didn’t start out easy for me, really
My symptoms from the start so very clear
With all the doctors, treatments, medications
A cure not found, they did not persevere, no

I sing this song to you out of frustration
For my life this is not what I had planned
Surely you will soon pray for my salvation
Once I clarify, I think you’ll understand

Allergies (Allergies!)
They make me fall apart
Cannot list them by heart
They leave me in a state of hysteria

Allergies (Allergies!)
They say I have them all
Throughout life it has been my downfall
All that’s left is see shows by Eleftheria
Allergies ☹

[pity panflute]

Now this isn’t the end of my dramatics
Examples will make it clearer, so you’ll see
Find out why my life’s been so problematic
Because of all those crappy allergies

Can’t have cheese (Any cheese)
As is or in a sauce
No feta makes me cross
No cheese that comes from Kos or other area

Leafy trees (Make him sneeze)
Floating pollen in the air
Makes me red and itchy and in despair
It’s everywhere, not even safe in Bulgaria

Then there’s bees (Yes, the bees)
Their sting can make me dead
So much worse than some gluten in my bread
What can I do? Someone please do some brujería!

Allergies ☹
Send help please