Alternate reprise idea:
You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Cowgirl (to France 1976)

Back-up Alternative reprise idea:
Where the Hell Did My Votes Go? (to Austria 2023)

...but since both those songs have been AL'd before...

Actual reprise based on UK 1989 (Live Version)

Live Report – Why Do I Always Get It Wrong?

Footnote: Yeah, I know this is the wrong place for a footnote. As in DEVIL, I've inverted things – get over it. This AL was written early this morning but after the Day-One voting...when Sebastian and tim,london were practically Amina'ing. Since I may not be around for some of the voting tonight, I’ve left you some optional lyrics at a couple of points. Of course, if someone else won [presumably Jonas as it was Yami last year], well, congratulations – consider this your mention. Indeed, at the moment Man in the Manor is on nul points – here’s hoping it will stay that way but I've also provided for the joy of points. Sing as you see fit. Without further ado...

<polite but annoyed applause>

One more sad AL for me to write

Much more heartache


Has brought me

Once more




The voteless kind

Not quite pointless/Life is pointless
But I can’t find them/In my A.L.C.

Whenever I was writing, I thought it might do well

Yet the votes expose
My inner nincompoop-ness

What you can’t ignore​
Is that my lyrics are a bore

Should have written ‘bout Sonia’s wrath
Or the purviest show on Channel 4

I’m playing--
Your fool of prose⸺

Least I’ve found there’s some meaning to life

No never could I write of...
...such condimental girls /such baristastic stuff

Nor do I regret
My lyrics filled with weakness

Cause I am quite proud

My votes are rather...unendowed

(Need more bad ALs/crap ALs, Mister?)
(He can write them but you won’t like them)

Much more worse ALs
Next year, I’ll send

(Want to co-write? E-mail this link)

Drawn-out reviews...
...Plus more Star Trek

But now I...
...Thank you all

(He is Esker – but you knew that, right?)

I am Cowgirl! Cowgirl! Cowgirl!

Practice makes perfect

(He’s not sad, no)
(He’s most chuffed now)

Do wanna scream "Woo-hoo" to you

(He is Cowgirl – don’t you deny it)

So I’ll shut it now

Next up is Seb’s reprise/Next up tim,l’s reprise​

< curtailed, though excited, applause – at least the next truly wicked AL is worth waiting for>