Frosty Secrets

Based on Russia 2014
Tolmachevy Sisters — Shine

Went driving late at night
Speeding through the dark
In our 16th birthday car

Lives changed in a flash
Then we fled the crime
Should’ve taken care on the ice

Visions of a face
Frozen in our minds
Drove too fast to stop it in time

Still can’t face what we did
Buried our regrets
In a shallow trench

Didn’t mean to kill him
Didn’t mean to hide him in the woods
Drove off in a panic
Haunted by the dents left in the hood

You’re the only one that I can trust
Anyone finds out and we’ll be cuffed
Frosty secrets can’t come out, can’t come out
No-one knows but us

I could have saved myself
You were at the wheel
But not easy when you’re a twin

I made us dig the pit
Blame for that is mine
I couldn’t risk you doing time

Keep smiling through the pain
There behind the eyes
Guilt nobody else can surmise

Although we try to live
Can’t forget that place
Pray they find no trace

Nothing in the news yet
Does nobody wonder where he’s gone?
Drove off in a cold sweat
Sobbing for the man whose life we robbed

Can’t speak of the light that we snuffed out
Silent as our inner voices shout
Frosty secrets can’t come out, can’t come out
Like the stains of blood

Haunted by a messy cover-up
Hid the shovel underneath a shrub
But can’t ever let it out, let it out
God, what have we done?