Immersion Therapy

Based on Portugal 1995
Tó Cruz - Baunilha e chocolate (live version)

Came across this recorded trend
Older Icelandic girls at sea
Middle of winter, they descend
Into the waves, immerse themselves
In the numbing Skjálfandi

"You can face challenges in life
Trust me, the water gives you strength"
Says Halldóra when all dried
Maybe something I should try
At life mostly I have failed

Too nerdy to have cool friends
Yet nerds find me not so smart
They isolate me as well
Despite my ill-fit coat and big glasses

Others have powers fully charged
Effortless living, I assume
Juggling job, kids and a wife
Have a band, a social life
Playing sports all afternoon

Stepping outside my comfort zone (comfort zone)
Fighting the barricades of mind
Learned by swims in icy weather
Though a ludicrous endeavour
Can't be worse than 10K runs

Imperative for my plan
A shockingly bitter plunge
Which might be hard to obtain
In the warm seas of Ponta Delgada

Going to Iceland is quite dear (indeed)
Hence, a McMurdo cruise I board
With my speedos on the pier
I walk tall to face my fears
Penguins taunt me in my thoughts
(big man scared of water, lol)

But first, I need to leave my phone
It can't survive inside a bath
Touch the water with my toe
Never known a thing as cold
Having doubts I'll get too far, aaahhh

I'm about to wet my balls
Turning blue just at that thought
Time to enter
Oh my fuck!!