Little Red Cow

Based on Czechia 2022
We Are Domi — Lights Off

A fire, a famine, an earthquake
There’s only so much we can take
Seas are rising thanks to man
But we can save Earth! Here’s the plan:

Biology provides solutions
To end all misery, wipe out pollution
A pigment change for our bovine friends
And a Savior is born

Little red cow on a green field
A heifer to bring the true apocalypse
Look at you now
The cat’s meow
We all say, “Wow!
Little red cow!”

Not all is peaceful with this beast
The cow comes from the Middle East
“The temple shall be rebuilt,” some share
But there’s a mosque already there

Possess the spot and God favors you
For you show more belief than your neighbors do
We’ll show God’s love, we’ll show God’s peace
When we kill the heathens

Little red cow grazes calmly
While Earth descends into the Last World War
Kick up a row
Jab and a pow
Victims say, “Ow!”
Little red cow

Then the heifer speaks (I know not how):
“We’re all the same, so stop your fighting now!”
Little red cow

Little red cow, God’s messenger
Will bring everlasting brotherhood and peace
Don’t ask me how
All’s better now
Just take a bow
Little red cow