Education Catchment Area

Based on Spain 2023
Blanca Paloma — Eaea

You must…
You'll accept him…

No way!

I wanna register my boy
My wonder mannered brainy boy
'Cause mum knows best, right?
Received top scores at his preschool
Perfect fit for your escuela

Our education catchment area
A sternly laid out catchment area
You live outside the catchment area
Your iron-fisted plea won't influence us!

We live close to your frontera
The mansions of Bonavista
But thoughtless Elche officials
Said go to a state escuela
With cokeheads of Poble Vell
Worst in Elche, below subpar

Sod it!

I drive a neat Kia Niro
Brag weirdo, we all drive Renault Clios
Can bring him into school all days
On my way to the beautician
Plus also back

But education catchment area
One cannot change a catchment area
So says Valencian Generalitat
(see? see? see? see?)
It really doesn't hinge on transportation

My critical last attempt at
Upending your disapproval
This generous cheque as handout
Renew your ramshackle playground
Or use it to treat yourselves

Now you have our attention señora

I've friends at the local health club
The best tennis institution
They'll sort you discounted entrance
Come to think of, we could use one

This education catchment area
Can be amended, we see eye to eye
This education catchment area
Can be amended, we see eye to eye

We'll disregard this weird law as an error
(cheat! cheat! cheat! cheat!)

Our new extended catchment area
In this exceptional rare circumstance
We'll see him 1st September at eight sharp