Letdown at Channel 4

Based on Israel 1981
Hakol Over Habibi — Halayla

♫ ♫

[Tonight's guest enters the studio, receives a warm welcome - looks like she's had a few before coming]

♫ ♫

♫ ♫

Coloured pods right ahead
Like candies overspread
I do hope one of them is a redhead
They attract me, tall and freckly
All the way down

This woman talks too much
I have an urge to nudge
Heartburn still on, bloody pickles at lunch
Come on begin, let them be seen
La la la la

♪ Ahahaha haha ♪

I shall have a large sherry then
They're at last revealing
Nice shadowy good shapes there
What a lovely feeling

Call it a dream, God now I'll scream
La la la la
They are all standing like

Ma chérie come, look what I got
It's here, waiting for you
Why shy away, it's alright
We can have some chat too

That one's all pink, where is my drink
La la la la

♪ Lalala lala ♪
♪ Lalala lala ♪

Look careful, they might fool
Malfunction could be cruel
And keep in mind, some can be shocking growers

Not sure now (Hurry woman)
Can't decide (It's cold in here)
May I see their backside
What a pity
We should try, before we buy
It's like that everywhere, yeah

♫ ♫

♫ ♫

Come take a look, come take a look
I should go a bit nearer
Can do a lot, give it a shot
Second looks familiar

Which one to pick, pretty or big
Don't you have more
Would be nice another four

Don't shy away, don't shy away
Inspect closer this time
Don't hesitate, won't regret
You will want for lifetime
Not convincing, something's missing
I don't know why

First they caught my eye
I'm not gonna lie
Maybe when I'm high

Cannot feel the vibe
One last look to five
Nope, I'm going bye



Author's Note:
Needless to say, this is just a parody and was created for entertainment purpose only, with the use of some visuals from 42 years ago.
No offense or disrespect is intended toward the artist and the whole script should be considered as a joke, in case this reaches anyone not familiar with ALC.