Lisboa Brisbane

Based on Portugal 2020
Elisa — Medo de sentir

Touring live in Queensland
Simply didn’t pay enough that year
Hence my manager convinced me
That I would do much better over here
I exclaimed: Cool! Keen! Yaas!
My passion to see flags would take me far

Travelled overseas
And rehearsed to death slick choreography
I knew right then we had the tools to succeed
Presumed top ten, propelled by #we
(In hindsight we did not get hashtags)

Green room bar was well endowed
Eight bottles of wine, twelve cans of beer
And a jug of Curaçao
We all downed shots until we were in tears
Didn’t think we were loud
Still got told off by the HoD

Lifted by fan screams
I sang perfect pitch, danced moves you’d never seen
In truth I don’t recall much apart from feels
Got douze points from the French and Danish juries
Seemed the Riga jurors were also pretty keen

Thought this was my moment
But in the televote
Just nine points. That was so mean
Lay condemned by voters
To the top twenty

Now all I can see
Are thin rays of light as I long for caffeine
Check-out’s at ten, they cancelled my limousine
My aching head tormented by every ping
Return flight includes a ten hour transit in Beijing
(Don’t think you’ll get an invite to Tel Aviv)
Oh no