Sperm Bank Angst

Based on Israel 2010
Harel Skaat — Milim

All around I’ve cum.
In the park I’ve cum.
On your sofa ... cum.
I’ve spread my seed.
My workstation is quite ... sticky.
There is a Kleenex box, in easy reach.
But I’ll be damned, now jizz is planned,
I can bring ... bugger all.
I’m empty as this plastic cup.
All alone, locked in a room,
with just my thoughts ...

Where did this all begin? The clerk who signed me in?
I swear I saw her grin, then smirk behind her screen.
Amusing tiktok meme? Or just being mean?
Does she think that I’m not masculine?

My confidence was knocked.
My manhood mocked; now I’m half-cocked.
Deep fears unlocked.
An empty room, bar cruel ticking clock.
My task in hand is set to flop.

Anxiety sets in: Where did this all begin?
My mind replays the scene: The clerk who checked me in.
A crisis brews within: Swear I saw her grin.
Did she see straight through my pseudonym?
I thumb through magazines: Her smirk behind the screen.
How could I be so dim? There was no tiktok meme.
She crushed my self-esteem: Women are so mean.

All these thoughts won’t help me get one in!

But now who goes there, and with his torso bare?
Outside my window, erecting a scaffold?
His toolbelt is slung low and in his hands he’s holding ...
A two-metre rigid pole – ohh!


I fix my gaze on him, the workman of my dreams.
He gives a cheeky grin; I step behind the screen.
A fumble in my jeans, then it all begins.
We’re a team!

We’re gonna spill some beans!

He’s flexing with his beam; It’s working like a dream.
I build a head of steam, soon I’m in full stream ...


One manly cup of cream.