Harina Potter

Based on Armenia 2023
Brunette — Future Lover

I just wanna correct these
stories for everyone
so those who should will feel embraced

Because who you are within, is
something to be affirmed
the joy you bring it is
something to celebrate

The movies need updating


Harina Potter
I hope you know you're magical
That the Mirror of Erised shows your true self
Sweet lady

Harina Potter
That closet you outgrew
Outside it, you found you
Harina Potter

Had the fight to
Pull through, debut anew
And decide to
Be true, renew, do you
You inspired to
Be good, do good, love good
By your side to
Break through, undo bad views

She was eleven, when she found out her whole world would change
Put on the Sorting Hat: told she's not the same
The whole Great Hall heard her real name
Fear crossed her face, life was changed

Oh what a howler, where is that invisibility cloak?
She stood paralysed, a Dark Mark cast its deathly evil spell
She looked to her friends, someone to depend
Along they came, anti Dark Arts Defence oh

Feared being locked up inside Azkaban
The entrance of her Secret Chamber flung open wide
Even showed on Marauder's Map
Golden snitched by the Sorting Hat, imagine that
Yet magic world, they did accept
The wizards, witches too, they all got her back
No matter demented plans, untoward
They don't restrain when that TERF attacks, no

Whether they were
Cis, gay, non-binary
They all signed to
Dumbledore's Queer Army
They defeated
Fantasies now
for trans people reclaimed

This one is for all those
Girls and boys who lived, and lived out loud
You all have magic inside, you do
Wand chooses wizard; gender chose you