Definitely Extremely Vaingloriously In Love

Based on Sweden 1991
Carola — Fångad av en stormvind

Oooooo-hooo yeah!!!

I have come to realise
That all that I was taught is a crock of shit

Still it takes me by surprise
When I’m compelled to sing words I once would not admit

Now I’m proud to tell you I am coming out
I have opened up (completely) without doubt

I’m enraptured by the Devil - he’s my man

There’s no fun in Heaven, no
When you find out God is vegan

Singing “Oh Hosanna!”
Night and day (as you must)
It turns me off

Mark my Word I’m coming down below

I repent my righteous deeds

And dedicate my soul
To for evermore…

Be the nastiest of Swedes

With scruples of a troll
And the morals of a whore

Having no regrets, I’m leaving Christ behind
My new love is wicked: he’s the one who shines

I’m enraptured by the Devil. I’m for you

Let us do the no-pants dance
Come and take me - any entrance

Fornicate and show me disrespect!

Don’t resist my bargain ‘cause
You ain’t met a diva quite like me!!

Var inte främling: låt starta vårt äventyr nu
Min brinnand kärlek evighet bara jag och du

Oh yes! Now I’m feeling horny!!

Rapture me, you devil! (Take her on!)

Heaven will be yours when I penetrate your inner circle

Let us take Valhalla from the gods
Dominate them! Use your rod!

All for you, I’ve more salacious schemes

(Only with Carola!)

Go on, tell me: “You can go to Hell”!!!