Based on Israel 1978
Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta — A-ba-ni-bi

Hey do you know your ABC's
Of Eurovision's epic singers, songs and memes?
So easy, it's like 1 2 3
You'll sing along in no time, just you wait and see
If at one point your mind goes 'nah'
You know there's always 'lalala'

ABBA or Angel (Chiara)
Beg, steal, borrow, banana
Conchita does the Cha Cha Cha
Douze points for your dance break, Diva!

Who doesn't love the classic Eres Tu?
Feuer for everyone, and Fuego too!
When half the Green room starts to have a cow
Hold on be strong and Hold me now

Izhar Cohen, Olé Olé
In Jordan they still think he lost to Jean Vallée
Kinek mondjam el vetkeimet?
Oh cheer up honey, Lass die Sonne in dein Herz!

Mister Naef! Who gets the Nil points?
Where's the Orchestra? Poe poe poe!
¿Quién ma...neja mi barca?
Did not Rise like a phoenix
But bombed just like Scooch and Shiru

Do you think Televoting's cool?
UGH, don't ask Urban Trad the damage it can do
And Valentina Monetta
We're sure she stole the Wind machine from Carola

Redemption for the dolls from XXL
Although their vocals didn't flow that well
Will Tiktok ever do the Yaz Bitti?
Until then: Buoni e Zitti!

Took some creative liberty
To cover every letter from A down to Z
And though we disappointed fans
There sadly was no way to mention Riverdance

We've been so tempted all along
To smuggle in a boom-a-bang or ding-a-dong
We simply didn't see a fit
Well, maybe, bejba, ooh aah just a little bit

Love love peace peace, adieu, voilà
Double wink from the Alphabeta mafia