A Chef’s Tale

Based on Portugal 2017
Salvador Sobral — Amar pelos dois

It's a Valentine's night at Bistrot Pierre
Love can be felt in the air
In walk two guys, one meets my eye
Think I've seen him somewhere before...

Food with flavour quite impressive,
Borders on excessive, now I'm in my dream career
Beef steak, oyster, and broccolino
(Said to boost your libido) topped with salt and black pepper

Jus with arsenic pentoxide
Pre-poured by the kitchen to let the flavours soak in
You said for me you would stay single
I know this is no mingle, because you're both wearing rings

I messed up your night; I apologise,
It was the only chance to get you on my side
Damn, my plan's ruined, you're eating from his dish!
I'm going to jail for poisoning my own first kiss :(