Change the Rules

Based on Portugal NF 1983
Tessa — Ave do Paraiso (live version)

While we keep the same two winners
Every year now
Only few of roughly nineteen
It's upsetting for new authors
Reason to depart
I would appeal you to be kinder
Andy, do your part
You'll amend your regulations
Granting a wildcard
To some entries that meet my demands
It would make the final bigger, less a private club
I'll respect any decision
(well, as long as the changes comply with the below)

Every song that has a picture of Carola
Gerard Joling, STDs, or Mikimaous
From Marples to paparazzi, people out of fucks
Songs with Grindrs and sweet kingdoms
White police brutal
If there's strizza or a schnitzel
Google Translate fail
Any Hate Song for Thatcher as well
Votes and honeys, songs about Ukraine, or mock a %?troll.”@#
There's Del Bo with Twitter format
(we cannot afford losing another such AL)

Freak Chiaras (song with same Maltese original)
Any lyric somewhat vulgar
Though Corinna's review would make anything anal
The whore