The Real Jubilee

Based on Austria 1959
Ferry Graf — Der K. und K. Kalypso aus Wien

A schnitzel as party food
No pints for your beer – just steins!
The bunting’s red, black and gold
The trains run on time

Today we celebrate the real Jubilee
We say “Prost!” to the Queen
Her Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family tree
Demands a party with a Teutonic spin

So give your dancing footwear a clean
(Socks and sandals, we mean)

Roast beef? We’ve got Currywurst
Replacing Sam Ryder: Rammstein!
The sky’s full of Luftballons
A brass band stands by

All these delights we offer efficiently
For the real Jubilee:
Hologram Merkel in the back of a Benz

[A Bundesdance]

Helene Fischer serenading the Mall
Riesling in hand:

“God save the Queen!
Her crown supreme
Her reign serene
Her German genes
We breathlessly express our esteem
For our – your! – Königin”

Since fun is only fun when mandatory
At the real Jubilee
We kindly ask for no more noise after 10

[A glum dance]

And take this grammar lesson so you fit in
Say after me:
“Ich, du, er, sie
Der, dem, das, die
Wo, wer, was, wie”
It’s easy, see?

Now you can join our Karneval team
Raise your glass! Auf die Queen!