We’re All Gonna Die

Based on Denmark 1981
Tommy Seebach and Debbie Cameron — Krøller eller ej

It’s your best gift, it’s short
And shrinks as you get older
Waste time without a thought
Then one day it’s all over.

Death will catch you up, no way to escape it
Not even through good deeds, might as well just be mean
‘Cause Heaven is a load of shit
You die, and you’re just dead.

Everyone will die
This is your future
Won’t be beamed up to the sky
You just go rotten.

No meeting the Reaper
They’ll chuck you in a hole
You’ve got no soul
This is the only life
So enjoy it while it lasts
‘Cause we’re all gonna die.

[One of the dancers died in 1996 after falling out of a hot air balloon.]

You’d like a twist ending, no?
Reincarnate as toast?
Become a ghost?
Well, that all sounds sublime
But you’re gonna be a corpse
And that’s it for all time.

(Death gets closer every day.)

Everyone who is alive
Won’t be forever
Give it fifty years or five
They’ll be cadavers.

No meeting with Jesus
If you’re not buried cold
You’re burnt like coal
Soon after you expire
And then packed into an urn
To sit above the fire.

(We’re all gonna die.)