The Eurovision Gym

Based on Turkey 1996
Şebnem Paker — Beşinci mevsim

Though it is Euroweek, can't let your fitness slip
Even when you're a Euro Fan
If only there's a gym, that lets you mix the two
Well have I got good news for you!

Health for you, fitspo too, do not wait longer
Come sign-up, then warm-up, it's just five dollars

Welcome to Eurogym, come get your workout in
Our trainers you should know well
This is the Eurogym, now let the tour begin
Then take the package you prefer

We've Alice Babs on abs, Bob Benny on the bench
Get in your sit-ups with Çetin
Learn Poli's pullup form, join Tajci's Tai chi group
Pilates led by Pollapönk

There's Sarbel, on barbells, come tell him Yassou
Tereza will make sure you're on the treadmill

Just push on through the pain
You'll soon leg-press Loreen
Try lift our Koit-tle bells

Yoga with Yohanna, Elpidalliptical
Trintje will make your triceps swell