the son has&/%?troll.”@#- :)

Based on Serbia and Montenegro 2004
Željko Joksimović & Ad Hoc Orchestra — Lane moje

im pammy help mee outt
de son has jus deaded outt
eurovision 2024gonna flopp a way
cancellato even bee

i am pammy help mee outt
at leest vote at my pole
Y is none anserin mee
de son is deaded offf!!!!

i am pammy i not crasy
but sum vody haz to sea
son on turin is kaputto
Y no vody care for mee :(

( im not on drags, i am a drag)
( wach my videoes at leest)

i am pammy sum 1 help mee ( i am pammy)
at least vote at my pole ( i am pammy)
Y is none anserin me
de son is deaded offf!!!!!

i am pammy imnot crasy
i jus don no hau too tipe
but I feel like I’m improving
as I’m writing all this shit :D
joke’s on you motherfuckers :)