Maja Static

Based on Bosnia and Herzegovina 2002
Maja Tatić — Na jastuku za dvoje

What an intro
To a day so messy
Touched my cat when
Folding nylon bed sheets
Itchy foot, wild hair
Maybe it’s one of those days
Didn’t give attention
Suddenly the oven resonates!

My t-shirt – OH NO
Somehow soiled with loose dirt
I shake it all off
But cannot remove it

I’m calling my employer
Say I’m in a bind
But the phone starts dying
Clinging to my hand
Now icing sugar
Covers all my
Surface area

I tried to use the toilet
Sadly, didn’t last
Toiletries and tissues
Hit my fanny fast
There’s a shampoo jar
Hanging out from
My poor labia
Think that means my own
Electric charge is high

(wa dow pa pa pa pa)
(wa dow pa pa pa pa)
(wa dow pa pa pa pa)
(wa dow pa da pa pa da pa pow)

Like a true pro
Dealing this condition
Slipping on a breastplate
Minimising friction
Stepped out, main street
Maybe buy some lemonade
Was a wrong decision
Caused a bus collision, right there

Ideal plan? OH NO
All the stoplights flicker
And then they’ve gone off
I just want home sooner

I’m Maja the Destroyer
All I do is harm
Leaves stick to my dry hair
And my underarm
Just felt a booger
Drawn to me from
A pedestrian

I’m starting to enjoy it
Shopping free of charge
Store is selling neat shoes?
I just stand outside
Though it’s a burden
I’ve attracted
Half of Bosnia
When I go back home
I’ll thank my useful cat

(pa da pa pa da pa pow)