John Lundvik speelt een raadspel

Based on Sweden 2019
John Lundvik — Too Late for Love

Hey, how you been?
I wonder, do you yearn for Sha-La-Lie?
Say, am I wrong
To wonder if it could be You and Me?

Is it Never Alone?
Is it De Eerste Keer?
I wanna know
Is it Ring-dinge-ding?
I can't take no more
Is it?

Birth of a New Age could get your gong,
Or maybe Grow is your preferred of Jeangu's songs,
Or is it Your Heart Belongs to Me,
Perchance Fernando en Fillipo?
Tell me!

Can't be Als het om de liefde gaat,
(Is it Colorado?)
(Is it Out on my Own?)
You're the one who voted for Trijntje?

I'm not content,
Cos nothing from these songs gets your acclaim
Now, just in case,
A list of loads of things I haven't named,

De Diepte or Arcade?
Is it Lights and Shadows?
I wanna know!!

Outlaw in 'Em, Slow Down, Walk Along?
Amambanda, Shine, Birds, or Waar is de zon?
No Goodbyes, One Good Reason or Tijd,
On Top of the World,
Rechtop in de Wind,

Net als toen, Een beetje, Ding-a-Dong,
(Is it De Troubadour?)
(Or The Party's Over?)
Tell me,
Do you like Mouth too or just Maggie?
(Is it Ik hou van jou?)
(Oh God, I've run out now...)

Calm after the storm just makes you yawn,
Does Edsilia give you a hard-on?

I think now I've won your silly game,
I have realised your favourite, I'll exclaim,
Now it seems so obvious to me,
Your favourite Dutch song,
Of COURSE it's this one,

I forgot - you like a matriarch!
(The power she gives off)
(The kind of thing you love)

But in my opinion?
It's shit.