Eurovision Squid Game 2

Based on Norway 1971
Hanne Krogh — Lykken er

Eurovision Squid Game 2
Lots of prizes just for you
And if Lady Luck’s on your side then
Maybe you won’t die
Ready to start? Let’s go!

If the giant doll-like bot
Sees you moving, you’ll get shot
When she’s singing “Shiru” make haste
There’s no time to waste
But when she shuts up, keep still!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re still living
And we have another game for you
But the rules for this aren’t forgiving
Try to pay attention, here’s game two:

If you break your candy shape
You will be shot in the face
Will your shape be Toto Cutugno?
Maybe Modugno?
Will it be Sarah Bray?

(If you’ve seen the Netflix show
Then you will already know
Actually the number of games
Was small, so I’ll make one up
To pad out a verse)

Maybe there’s a great big fight?
In the middle of the night?
Beating up a man through and through is
Sophia Vossou
Using a saxophone

Now what shall we play next?
Tug of war? Yes,
Try to drag Chiara with your rope
Also on her team’s Axel Hirsoux
Will you overpower them? Well, nope.

Marbles are extremely lame
Let’s invent a different game
Run away from Stefán and Eyfi
They want to knife you
Isn’t that much more fun?

Finally, as you know well
You must face the tentacles
Of the fearsome Squid Game controller
It’s SquidCarola
So this may be farewell :(

What the hell, are you still here?
Only bleeding from one ear?
Obviously it was a breeze
we made it too easy
See you again
Next year.